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Prior to 1997 procedures covering works to party walls , party structures and certain excavations close to adjoining properties were generally limited to central London; although historically similar legislation covered cities such as Bristol, this had long since fallen by the wayside. Consequently, there were few surveyors practicing in this field.

In 1997 the Government introduced party wall legislation across the whole of England & Wales in the form of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996. It was recognised by a number of experienced practitioners that the shortage of surveyors available to administer this legislation had to be addressed and the Faculty was born out of this national need for education and support for surveyors but also to enhance awareness and provide advice and guidance to the general public.

The objective of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is to promote the highest standards of professional practice in this field of expertise and to expand the knowledge and study of all matters to do with party walls, to encourage the exchange of information and ideas amongst its Members.

We have enjoyed steady and continual growth nationally since our inception and we now benefit from legal support and counsel when required; this is available to all Members.  Referrals for appointments as Party Wall Surveyors are also provided to Members via our website.

As a member you will have the support of the full team of administration staff and experienced party wall surveyors as well as legal advice, if required. You will also receive a handbook containing all the rules and regulations as well as workable templates for the many letter and documents that we produce to assist you in your work as an accomplished party wall surveyor. Various books are available to increase your knowledge and there are numerous Forum and Zoom events that you can attend to gain the CPD requirements. There is so much to gain by being a member of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors for which letters after your name you will be proud to display.