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Back in February 2010 the FPWS became UK representative members of the European Group of Surveyors (EGoS).

Full members of the group are; Republic of Ireland, Greece, Malta, Germany and Turkey Belgium, Spain, Italy and Cyprus. The group also have Observers from Czech Replublic, Bulgaria and Israel.

The European Group of Surveyors first came together in 1989 to represent Surveyors who had been left out of the named list of surveyors provided in the European First General Directive.

There were a number of non-chartered surveying organisations in the UK that were not being represented in Europe and upon enquiry it was found that other organisations in other European member states also were not being represented. These organisations came together to form EGoS to provide a home for non-chartered surveyors qualified at the First General Level of Qualification and in 1992 a formal Agreement and Constitution was formed.

The ASI (Architects and Surveyors Institute) were founder UK members of the Group and when they were absorbed into CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) the CIOB continued to represent surveyors. In 2009 the CIOB left the group to concentrate on Project Management aspects and as a result provided an opening for the FPWS to represent UK surveyors. For the information of the members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors the ASI were the instigators of the formation of the Faculty and therefore this association has swung full circle.

The FPWS became a full member of EGoS at a ceromony held at the London Bridge Hotel Conference Centre on 27th February 2010 and Charles Dawson signed on behalf of the Faculty the EGoS Constitution in conjunction with the newly elected President of EGoS J. Randolph Camilleri from Malta.


Signing of the Constitution

Randolph Camillari(Left) Charles Dawson

For those members wishing to visit the website of EGoS please log onto www.europeansurveyors.org

There you will find the aims, purposes and constitution of the Group and individual members of the FPWS may, if they so wish, register with EGoS.

EGoS is working together with our European Groups such as CLGE (Council of European Geodectic Surveyors) and AEEBC (Association of European Building Surveyors) on mutal recognition of surveyors’ professional qualification in Europe.

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