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Code of Conduct

The Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors is committed to ‘raising the bar’ amongst its members, and ensuring that they are recognised as industry leaders in party wall surveying.

We believe that membership of the Faculty should be seen as an indicator of professionalism, competence and integrity.

We are therefore keen to share with the general public our Code of Conduct to show our dedication to the standards we set our members.  You can also view a copy of our Guide to the Code of Conduct, which assists in understanding how best to interpret our Code of Conduct.

In the unlikely event that you wish to complain about one of our members then your complaint should be made in writing to the Faculty and sent for the attention of the ‘FPWS Professional Standards Department’.  Alternatively, you can email professionalstandards@fpws.org.uk .  If there is more than one ground of complaint then please try bullet point those complaints under separate headings.  Please also provide copies of all documentation that you deem relevant to substantiate the complaint.

Please be aware that the Faculty’s complaints process exists to enable the Faculty to effectively regulate its members and uphold public confidence in the profession by ensuring compliance with the Faculty’s Code of Conduct. The Faculty has no power to compel any of its members to take action or to pay compensation in respect of a complaint.  To understand our complaints procedures please download the following “Guide to Complaints/Disciplinary Process”  document.



Document Downloads:

Prior to 12th August 2020:

Code of Conduct: FPWS Code of Conduct

Guide to the Code of Conduct: FPWS Guide to the Code of Conduct

As from 12th August 2020 a revised version of the Code of Conduct and Guide to Code of Conduct come into force:

Code of Conduct: FPWS Code of Conduct

Guide to the Code of Conduct: FPWS Guide to the Code of Conduct

Guide to Complaints/Disciplinary: FPWS Guide to Complaints-Disciplinary Process