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Complaints Handling Procedure (CHP) Guidance

The Faculty requires that all members have a 3-stage Complaints Handling Procedure.

Stage 1:

Complaint referred to the Member (if a sole practitioner) or a nominated person within the Member’s practice (for Members who operate through firms, partnerships or  companies).

 Stage 2:

Complaint referred to another party wall surveyor, preferably a more senior member of the business than the person who made the Stage 1 determination.

 Stage 3:

Complaint referred to an External Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution Service.

Stages 1 and 2 of the process must not require the complainant to pay any fee or charge to make a complaint.

The Faculty requires a 3 stage CHP process to be adopted as it considers this to be the most effective way to identify and provide redress for mistakes and ensure that even unsuccessful complainants feel that their complaint has been heard, taken seriously and considered independently. This minimises the likelihood of inappropriate complaints, or complaints about ineffective CHP’s, being made to a regulatory body.

Please ensure that your current CHP meets all of the Faculty requirements.

In order to assist you, the Faculty has produced a template CHP and explanatory flowchart which it encourages its members to use. It is available for Member’s to download and personalise here:


Complaints Handling Procedure (7 downloads )


Complaints Handling Procedure Flow Chart (6 downloads )