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Sanctions Guidance

Our Sanctions Guidane document can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of this page.

This Guidance is designed to assist complainants, members facing disciplinary proceedings and
Disciplinary Panels who will be imposing sanctions, and to promote fairness, proportionality,
consistency and transparency in the disciplinary process.

The purpose of this Guidance is to identify the purpose, parameters, and range of sanctions available
to Disciplinary Panels, and to provide a better understanding of the gravity with which different forms
of misconduct are viewed by the Faculty, the factors relevant to the choice of appropriate sanction
and the likely consequences of breach and/or non-observance of the standardsset out in the Faculty’s
Code of Conduct.

It also provides indicative guidance as to the likely consequences of non-observance of the standards
set out in the Faculty’s Code of Conduct for various types of disciplinary offences.

It applies to all circumstances in which a Disciplinary Panel is considering whether or not to impose a
sanction, whether that follows the admission of a disciplinary offence by a member and/or a finding
by a Disciplinary Panel that a disciplinary offence has been proved.

This Guidance does not have the force of Bye-Laws or Regulations and is not binding, but any
Disciplinary Panel considering or imposing a Sanction under 4.9.3 of the Bye-Laws MUST have regard
to this Guidance and should apply it unless there is good reason not to.

However, nothing in this Guidance isintended to prevent a Disciplinary Panel from imposing whatever
sanction is proportionate and appropriate to the individual circumstances before it.

Download: Sanctions Guidance (57 downloads )