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Thoroughly researched and expertly written, the Faculty's growing library books offer a valuable resource for anyone professionally involved in Party Wall and related matters or anyone with interest in Party Wall matters, Construction or History.

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A History of Party Walls (700 BC to 1996 AD)

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Audience:Professional Surveyors, or anyone with an interest in Party Wall matters.
Format:Paperback 155+ pages
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Another brilliant accolade by one of the leading party wall surveyors in the country, Alex Frame. Following the success of Alex’s previous outstanding publications, which displayed his superlative interpretation of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, he now treats us to his broad depth of knowledge and understanding, this time with ‘A History of Party Walls’ where readers can dive into a fantastic breadth of background information on each era, exposing enthralling truths that will engage all.

This insightful book provides the reader on exactly the book title, dating back to 740BC and the Jewish Prophet, Isaiah, through the ages to the present day Acts, including the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 with the Earl of Lytton. It leaves no coping stone unturned, with a profundity on types of walls, construction methods and the personnel involved, not least to those practising in the realms of Party Walls today.

Alex has written and illustrated this page turner in a fashion to suits all reading abilities, which in itself is an art.
Something for everyone, amongst all Alex’s publications, for me, this is the crown on top of the chimney!!

Daniel Ross 
South London Party Wall Surveyors Ltd

It has been a problem since the beginning of time, it would seem, that neighbours fall out with each other – boundaries being the first obvious cause, followed closely by sharing a partition wall.

Walls are built for various reasons, and research shows that containment is the priority, whether that be for security, such as Hadrian’s Wall, or physical protection, such as fire protection in the Great Fire of London.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the construction of such walls is important if they are to have their desired effects. Surprisingly, these effects are related to living conditions and, as such, we see public health at the forefront, rather than pure building construction.

Most of the bills that went through parliament (and many that did not) focused on health issues, and the construction of party walls were a by-product of this. As a result, model byelaws were introduced which incorporated the construction of party walls. It took almost 150 years before a pure building construction ‘manual’ of party walls came into being out of the public health issues.

This continued and changed its shape into a dual purpose, one being construction and the other being the legal rights of what can be done to such walls, in what we have today, namely the Building Regulations and the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

We should note that no other country has gone through such turmoil over the years as has England and Wales in the matter of party walls. I trust that you will enjoy learning.

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Introduction 11
Ancient History 12
The Biblical Isaiah
The Roman Poet Ovid
The Roman Architect Vitruvius
Hadrian’s Wall
Antonine Wall
Cobb Walls
The Middle Ages 26
King Richard I
Henry Fitz-Aylewin
Richard Whittington
John Carpenter
Modern History 45
Great Fire of London
Sir Christopher Wren
Matthew Hale
Four House Types
The Construction of Houses
Sir John Summerson
Lord Normanby
The Builder
Bristol Improvement Act 1847 74
Metropolitan Buildings Act 1855 76
Primary Legislation
Statutory Instruments
Part III Party Structures
Local Government Act 1858 85
1875–1877 Model Byelaws 86
1878–1884 Model Byelaws 87
Metropolitan Management and Building Acts
Amendment Acts 1878 89
Section 3 Description and Quality of the
Substance of Walls
Dublin Corporation Act 1890 90
London Building Act 1894 93
London Building Act 1894 (Amendment)
Act 1898 98
London Building Act 1894
(Amendment) Act 1905 98
Public Authorities (Party Wall) Empowering Act 1919,
New Zealand 98
Law of Property Act 1925 101
Scottish Law Commission (Scot Law Com No. 163) 103
Construction Methods of Party Walls and Foundations 105
London Building Act 1930 106
London Building Act (Amendment) Act 1935 109
London County Council 111
Grillage Foundations 112
Public Health Act 1936 114
Building Byelaws 115
London Building Act (Amendment) Act 1939 121
1945 Onwards 123
London Building (Constructional) By-Laws 1952 123
Parapet Walls 126
Public Health Act 1961 129
Building Regulations 1965 130
Building Regulations 1972 135
The Greater London Council
London Building (Constructional) By-Laws 1972 136
Building Regulations 1976 139
London Building (Constructional) By-Laws 1979 140
Building Act 1984 141
Building (Inner London) Regulations 1985 143
Party Wall etc. Act 1996 145
Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009 146

Assize of Buildings (Richard I)

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