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Thoroughly researched and expertly written, the Faculty's growing library books offer a valuable resource for anyone professionally involved in Party Wall and related matters or anyone with interest in Party Wall matters, Construction or History.

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The Third Surveyor

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Audience:Professional Surveyors.
Format:Paperback 170+ pages
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This latest work demonstrates quite clearly that Alex remains a master of his art. Not only does he explain the process whereby one arrives correctly at the appointment of the Third Surveyor in a straight forward and comprehensible manner but he then proceeds to explain in clear and precise terms the need for extensive and wide ranging abilities and knowledge necessary for a Third Surveyor to be able to provide the advice, guidance and assistance to less experienced Party Wall Surveyors, and helpfully provides a practical, workable framework to assist surveyors who are more experienced and have a greater knowledge.

In this book Alex gives a commentary on the meaning of the sections of the Act, provides helpful commentary and summaries of legal authorities which shape the decision making of selected third surveyors and probably of equal importance demonstrates to the reader how a third surveyor ought to approach the task.

Anyone can be selected as a Third Surveyor, but not everyone can do the job. In this book Alex gives the benefit of his vast knowledge and experience in dealing with disputes under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, he explains clearly the Quasi-Judicial role Third surveyors are considered to be in when called upon under the statute, he also gives a very clear and useful description of other methods of dispute resolution which are being developed in the modern world and how the various forms of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) are playing a part and influencing the way we live and work.

Steve Campbell FFPWS FCIArb

I have undertaken to write this guide for those surveyors who are called upon to determine matters put before them as the Third Surveyor in accordance with the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

My book entitled ‘Misunderstandings and Guidance’ was written because of seeing many awards that clearly were made not in accordance with the Act.

This book has likewise been written for Third Surveyors purely as a guide to help them in their work. I do not hold myself to be the main ‘expert’ in the subject, just one who has been practising since 1970 and has determined various matters as a Third Surveyor.

There are several, but not many, guides and commentaries written about the Act. There are, however, extremely few that have been written specifically for Third Surveyors, and I feel there is a need for such, insofar as Third Surveyors seem to be called upon more frequently today.

To be appointed as a surveyor to implement and administer the Act is not to be taken lightly, as those who are appointed to do so are preparing a legal document. It is therefore even more important that the determinations of a Third Surveyor in his award are considered most carefully, and to this end, I have taken legal advice on many matters concerning my opinions in this book in an endeavour to give the best help to the reader.

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Chapter One
Definitions of a Party Wall Surveyor 10

Chapter Two
The Duties of the Third Surveyor 18

Chapter Three
The Third Surveyor’s Position and Title 24

Chapter Four
Acting as a Third Surveyor 33

Chapter Five
The Status of a Third Surveyor’s Award 65

Chapter Six
Party Wall Cases 77

Chapter Seven
A Third Surveyor’s Model Award 138

Party Wall etc. Act 1996 143

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